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CH Karos Nomsa of Karoskloof


Date of Birth: 12-09-1994
Date of Death: 03-05-2007

HD/ED: 0:0 (free)

See her Pedigree

Karoskloof Litters:

Zibulo - with Themba
Bayezana- with Themba
Zintatu- with Themba
Zini- with Themba



CH Kulima Love That Red of Karoskloof (aka "Themba")


Date of Birth: 20-05-1993
Date of Death: 20-05-2001

HD/ED: 0:0 (free)

See his  Pedigree

Karoskloof Litters Sired:

with Nomsa - Zibulo
with Nomsa - Bayezana
with Nomsa - Zintatu
with Nomsa - Zini

CH & CH (USA) Karoskloof Bayezana Naka


Date of Birth: 14-06-1997
Date of Death: 15-10-2004

HD/ED: 0:0 (free)

See his Pedigree


CH Nomvuyo Zuru Thandi of Karoskloof


Date of Birth: 28-09-1997
Date of Death: 15-01-2007

Height: 62 cm
Weight: 35kg
HD/ED: 0:0 (free)

See her Pedigree

Karoskloof Litters:

TT - 2001 - with Pronkberg Timba
Bravo - 2002 - with Pronkberg Timba
Mack's - 2003 - with Thau Gawie of Nullgai


Karoskloof Bravo Savuka


Date of Birth: 14-09-2002
Date of Death: 03-07-2009

co-owned by Andre Greeff


Height: 63 cm
Weight: 36kg
HD/ED: 0:0 (free)

See her Pedigree

Karoskloof Litters:

Kudu - 2005 - with Roodedraai Msundusi of Zafrika

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